Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Wishing you Bluebirds!

Hello! It all started when my oldest daughter was six years old-- i bought her a little book called "Wishing you Bluebirds." The when we moved into the house we are in now.. we had an old birdhouse out back and to our surprise-- it belonged to a bluebird family! What a nice surprise to see them and watch them everyday. I would feed them with meal worms from the pet store and the father was very gracious as he had young ones inside the house that were very hungry! They ended up having three females which have stayed here but have not nested yet... we need some male bluebirds! Anyway, this year we bought a new house and hopefully we will have a new family... crossing my fingers. I just love them! When I started needle felting ...of course, you always incorporate something you love into your work so my signature work is definitely bluebirds! Bluebirds- Felted Folksie Style. The picture of the real bluebird is the father keeping watch and perched very close to the house inspecting. The other picture is of my lastest Bella Bluebird Felted Folksie.. she is a wee tiny little bluebird-- standing in her little tiny wooden painted pot decorated with antique rick-rack and an antique cabbage rose. Isn't she darling? Bella with the pot measures a tiny 2 3/4 inches tall. If you are interested in her, she is being offered for sale on my etsy shop-- http://www.lindasgoodies.etsy.com

Hope you have enjoyed my story of how much we love bluebirds and how they became my signature work!

And how much we love them! I will let everyone know if anyone moves in :) Folksie linda


Lisa of Twin Cubs said...

Oh, I love Bluebirds too Linda! We have a lot of them here because next to us is a huge open field. Your felted one is just adorable!

Folksie Linda said...

Oh thank you so much Lisa! I just adore them-- ooh i would love to see them in the open field.. they love that ... we have an open field next door to us... well it is somebodies back yard but most of it is a field so I think that is why they like my houses. I hear them out there everyday but so far no nest yet :( I am praying for one of my female babies to have some of her own! Hugs, Linda