Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's a Sugar Plum Christmas!!

Hello!! I am so far behind as usual but trying to catch up... been creating but slow at times... getting new treatments and they wear me out terrible but hanging in there. On another note, everything I have been creating is reminding me of a Sugar Plum Christmas for sure! I have created some wonderful ornaments in pastel colors with great girls on them that I bought at the Little Pink Studio which is one of my favorite shops on etsy... see the link on my blog! Also created these wonderful decopauged pins... i bought from there.. they are antique brass and have a wonderful space for decopauging! So my update on my Victorian Shoppe will certainly be the theme of a Sugar Plum Christmas this year! I also created this adorable little pin cushion out of wool felt and glitter that looks like a sugar plum pie! Be sure to visit the Little Pink's a great etsy shop.. and check out my Victorian website soon for a new update! Yeah!! Hope you like my new items! Happy Sugar Plum Christmas to everyone!! Hugs, Linda

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mother Goose Collaboration!!!

Hello I am so excited about my collaboration with miniature Artist Christine O'Neill of Fantiny Creations! She makes the tiniest little sculptures and they are so adorable! We have teamed up with a One of a Kind Mother Goose Set!

To see them on ebay- use this link:

They are so cute... I wish I could bid!! Hope you like them! Also if you would like to see Christine's website... you can view that here:

Felted Hugs, Folksie Linda