Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mother Goose Collaboration!!!

Hello I am so excited about my collaboration with miniature Artist Christine O'Neill of Fantiny Creations! She makes the tiniest little sculptures and they are so adorable! We have teamed up with a One of a Kind Mother Goose Set!

To see them on ebay- use this link:

They are so cute... I wish I could bid!! Hope you like them! Also if you would like to see Christine's website... you can view that here:

Felted Hugs, Folksie Linda


Quirky Critters said...

Hi, what an adorable set and a wonderful collaboration, they look so well together and sure gave me a big smile, hugs Sammie:O)

Vee said...

Hi Linda...I think this set is great!
Your very pretty Grand Mother goose...
The little "copycat" rookie learning to fly... lol... ... too cute...

I checked them out on ebay and they are doing pretty well. congrats on a great little collaboration you two.

Folksie Linda said...

Thank you so much both of you! It was so much fun to do a collaboration with Christine... i truly don't know how she goes so small... it is amazing!
And so detailed too! Hugs, Folksie Linda

Jenny said...

How cute! A really sweet set Linda!
I can see they are doing well at their auction! No surprise there! Congrats.

Gaia said...

Linda, what a wonderful work!!
I hope they did well, this is quite amazing! Hope you'll get a chance to do more :)