Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I go around in circles but finally got something done!

Hello Everyone, Sometimes i get frustrated because i start projects and then they never get finished and end up in a pile and I hate that. Does anyone else do that? Well i finally got something finished in the pile and hope to get more done as I have neglected my etsy shop so hopefully i will go slow and steady so I don't get too fatigued. Well i started out painting this cute little box.. handy for a craft room .. or for little miniatures etc .. and i added the little tiny pose doll but there was something lacking from it. I loved the bright colors and then i saw in my cupboard the package of vintage 1960s daisies i had and thought a perfect finish to the cute little cupboard. I hope you think so too..let me know what you think? i finally got it listed on my etsy shop! Yay!!!