Monday, April 19, 2010

Crafty Carnival Card Swap!

Hi Everyone, It has been a long time and I am sorry I have been missing in blogland but I am just recovering from a horrible heart infection ( pericarditis) caused by the Lyme/Lupus... it hit me right before the New Year and it has taken me months to get back on my feet again.. I am doing a bit better due to alot of rest, and a new doctor who has been helping me quite a bit. I hope it lasts. I have decided to join a swap... i haven't played with paper in a while ..well i haven't really crafted at all this year yet so it should be fun and get my mind going which I need very badly. Missy at Crafty Carnival is having a very cute card making swap... you make 10 cards and send them to her and you will receive 10 cards back from different artists which will be great.. you can always use some cards in the house. I have missed all of you here and hopefully I will be here more often now and will get back to seeing what is going on in your blogs as well! I am truly looking forward to it! I will show my cards when i am finished..wish me luck!! Hugs, Linda