Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Weird Couple of Weeks

Hello Everyone, I know it has been sometime that I have blogged and I am sorry about that.. i have been horribly ill. My husband's surgery went well and he is on his way to recovery and doing much better now but in the midst of it all.. I relasped and got sicker and developed this weird purple vein like rash on my upper left thigh. In the past the Lyme Disease affected my heart so I called the heart doctor and went to see him as I thought maybe the rash was related to my heart. He referred me to another specialist..a rheumotologist who knew what the rash was.. it is called levido and he in turn sent me for blood work and I had a long talk with him on what has gone on with my health since I was in my 30's. I went back to this doctor last week and took my bloodwork from a long time ago.. when I was in my 30's as I have all of my medical records. I have Lupus! In all this time, my Lyme doctor was focusing on my Lyme Disease and the Lupus was not detected and that is why I was not getting better. I am so thankful this rash showed up as it was a heaven sent rash. My medication has been changed and I hopefully will get better now.. my joints were so swollen ... he immediately put me on a low dose of steroid that has brought the inflammation down in my joints and put me on a anti-malarial drug to treat the Lupus. He said the Lupus caused my pericarditis in my heart as well. He thinks that when i got bit by that little tick that it stirred up the Lupus but I was only being treated for the Lyme and therefore I was not getting better. I hope this new treatment will help me to get back to myself a bit and back to blogging and back to the real world! I wanted to let my blogger friends what has been going on with me! Wish me luck! Hugs, Linda