Sunday, September 20, 2009

Finally My First Update on the Year!!

Hello Everyone! Yay.. I finally have updated my etsy shop! First of all there is My "How Much Is That Doggie In The Window Puppy Adoption"... hope all the puppies find a home! Then there are some other nice handmade things.. some really nice soap with no preservatives.. handpainteed wood clips vintage Bunka doll style... they are really cute and kawaii.. I handpainted them and I really miss painting! Hope if you stop by, to take a peek and check it out!

Love you all, Folksie Gal

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thank you so much!

Hello Everyone, First of all, I want to thank each one of you that commented on my blog and have been with me through this hard time in my life... i am still struggling but have had some good days too which i didn't have before! Guess what i do on those days.. yep you got it.. craft!!

Anyway, I am going to e-mail each one of you and thank you. because you mean alot to me for thinking of me and you don't know how much that helps when you are feeling ill. You all are my angels! I never expected to be on the other side of the spectrum but I ended up here somehow and I know I have to except it. The medicine the new doctor has given me is making me vomit so I am going to him in a couple of days to see if he can give me something to help. I am not keeping my food in and I'm hungry! I can't even keep a cup of tea or a chai in.. so it is frustrating. But I am hanging in there! I found out that what this disease did to my heart could kill you in two days according to my new doctor and I lasted eight months with it before they found it so that shows how tough i can be! I love each and everyone of you in blogland ... and I am sorry that I haven't been here much.. I am going to try to change that and blog more... I promise!

I thought you would like to see me at my graduation in 1988.. that was a very happy day for me and I miss working very much! I can't thank you all enough for being there for me.. it has been a battle.. one I am not giving up on... and you being there for me..helps me fight even more!

I love you all! Hugs, Folksie gal