Saturday, June 2, 2007

An Anime Dog!

Hello Here is a picture of my dear little Liza when she was a baby... this is a true anime dog don't you think? She has such a big body and tiny short legs... the cutest thing! She is quite the charmer too.. Her full name is Elizabeth's Queen Elizabeth II named after her mother. I also have her sister-- Lady Beatrice only she is not a poser.. she is more camera shy. Hopefully i can get a picture of her to show you one of these days! Hope you enjoy seeing my anime dog!

Hugs, Folksie Linda


Kaz (Freckle's Heart Mini's) said...

Liza is GORGEOUS Linda!! Love her little legs and her eyes are BEAUTIFUL!!

A big HUG from my pooches to yours!

Lisa of Twin Cubs said...

Corgis are so cute! Just an adorable photo!