Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Where's The Luau?

Can anyone tell me where's the Luau? Well this is what I have been working on... did a sketch last week of the top of my head and here she is... little Flip Flops -- she is 2 1/4 inches- I made her little flowers for her head, flip flops and her flower lei out of wool felt. Let me know what you think of her! Hugs, Folksie Linda


Vee said...

hahahha pretty cute Linda!

Love the little flip flops..... can I get me some of those? They would be so much more comfy than any old rubber ones!!

Folksie Linda said...

Thanks Vee... i have terry cloth ones.. if i can find you a pair and send them to you.. what size do you wear? They are very comfy!
Hugs, Folksie Linda