Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!

Hi All

I hope everyone had a nice holiday! I am a bit late in posting ...sorry about that. Pictured in my post are two adorable handmade chenille bunnies by Mary of Snowflakes on Eyelashes... you can view her work at http://www.glitterandgrunge.com/

Mary also has a darling etsy shop too! I love these vintage style chenille bunnies she made for me! Aren't they sweet? I will enjoy them every Easter and every Spring! Take a peek at her shop! Hugs, Linda


BumbleVee said...

it's hard to put the little cuties away for the year isn't it? I need to figure out a way to have them safe, dust free...(not in the curio cabinet as it is already toooo crowded) and yet be able to lift a lid or something and say hi to them all year long....

I'm worse than a kid...hey..maybe a toy box !! yeh.... that could be the answer.... an adult (sort of) toy box!

Kingfisher Farm said...

Linda those are so cute, and remind me of my childhood again. Sigh. Where did it go?? No worries the 2nd childhood is right around the corner!!! Pam

Natalie said...

Chenille seems to be a forgotten medium which is so sad as I absolutely adore the little vintage knick knacks that were so popular back in the 50s. Its great to see artists using it again and making such sweet items! Those bunnies are ridiculously cute!

Actually speaking of cute, I have to say I love the treat cups in your etsy shop.. I wish my daughter was old enough to need party favors like that! Guess i'll just have to wait a few years before induldging!

Lolly said...

Wow...you are very creative!!! I am going to work on your spring swap (CSST) surprise this weekend!