Monday, March 3, 2008

Bear Doughnuts Anyone??

what can I say... i just love toys...especially little ones that are bear related.. i think they are just so cute..and they make me very happy! Today there is everything out there for bears, bear chairs, a bear table, even a bear dish with bear doughnuts! I want some bear doughnuts, don't you? I have decided I never want to grow up..... and will always collect bears and toys.. it's just what makes me happy!! Hugs, Folksie Linda Toy and Bear Lover


BumbleVee said...

me too Linda....never growing up... I couldn't even if I wanted to.. I will always be childish as well as child

Denise said...

How cute, Linda! Maybe your bear can come over to my Fisher Price House and have doughnuts with my Little People!!

Louise Peers said...

Hi Linda ,cute cute cute .... also just recieved my teddy bookmark ,thank you so much .I shall treasure it :)
Louise x

Sarah said...

Those teddy doughnuts are adorable!

I'm all for 'whatever makes you happy'!

Our childhoods never end,
they simply move on