Monday, November 23, 2009

It's a Small World After All!!!

In 1964, my parents being born New Yorkers decided to take us the the World's Fair in New York City. I was quite young at the time but I do remember some things that i seen while being at the World's Fair. The two things that had the biggest impact on me at the Fair was the "It's a Small World" display and ride and also the "Carousel of Progress" at the time being called "It's a great big beautiful tomorrow". We always went down to the city on weekends and would do window shopping which I still love doing and going to a steak house for a nice steak dinner. I remember wearing my little white go go boots that i loved so much. My Family was window shopping and I went by a beautiful store that had wonderful things in the window..but my eyes went immediately to a doll travel case.. they were used for pocketbooks at this time or to put your doll things in.. not a big doll case ..more like a small square train box. There was a case neatly on display with the vintage images I saw at the display - "It's a small world after all"!! Being dutch, I loved the little dutch girl on the front on it and never forgot it. My mom tugged my hands and since we were not a well off family, I knew better than to ask if i could purchase it. I dreamed about that case for sometime after it. Well, about a month ago, i was searching on ebay, just browsing for things, and what to my surprise did I come across but the little train case I saw that day in New York in the beautiful store window! I couldn't believe it.. it looked to be in great condition and it had a buy it now with an offer too.. i made an offer and it was mine! When I received that case in my hands .. i just couldn't believe I actually found this case after all those years! It's definitely a small world after all! At the time, the store was called AMSCO on Fifth Avenue and is now called SAKS OF FIFTH AVENUE. I paid $18 for the case... That made my year!!!!!! Hope you enjoyed! Hugs, Linda


Anonymous said...

I just loved this sweet story! What a fabulous find! I have always had a special spot in my heart for "It's a Small World". The artist behind all of the art work, Mary Blair, has always been a favorite of mine. So happy you found such a meaningful treasure.

GMoss66 said...

Gosh we are so much a like even as little girls! That purse is the most adorable, fantastic thing! I love your whole post! I'm going to go read it for the third time right now. xoxo Gretchen

greenbean art said...

oh wow! now that is a sweet sweet story!!!!!!! i am very happy for you and it must be really nice to find something you looked for :) and a good deal too!!!!!

btw, they have a dutch cabbage patch... my sister still has hers- the original with plastic dutch shoes and the hat and all!!! she even had a passport!!

i hope your etsy shop is doing well!! congrats!!

kanishk said...

I love your whole post! I'm going to go read it for the third time right now.
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Blossomnbird said...

oh that is a wonderful story...
What a cute little bag :)
I came over to your blog Linda via your gorgeous new website which is just the cutest!! Peng Peng did a wonderful job!