Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In Memorial.....

Hi Everyone, ...sorry I have not been blogging much of late as I have had a very hard time with the new treatments i started at the Neurologist's office and for now.. i have stopped them as they have taken quite a bit of quality life away from me.

I was very saddened last week to find out that my most favorite and wonderful human being as well as an artist has passed away..she is an inspiration to me as an artist and she will be sadly missed... Tasha Tudor.. an inspiration to all... she was an amazing woman as well as a fantastic children's book illustrator and all of her artwork was beautiful! She will be greatly missed!! I know you are with the angels Tasha... there will never be another one like you!! I loved her so much!! The picture is a card that Tasha illustrated with her creation : Dr. Cupid Corgi!
I promise I will be catching up with my blogging because i miss chatting with all of my blogger friends as well as seeing all of their information and things that have been going on their lifes. I am back!! See you all soon! Hugs, Linda


BumbleVee said...

nice to see you again Linda....just take your time... you will wear out your eyes catching up! I was away only a week... can't think what to write..how to say it or anything now that I am back... arrrggghhhhh!! This time, however, I did remember my passwords and actually did get to see things.... yay me,!

Jenny said...

Hi Linda. Glad to see you back. So sorry for your loss. Big Hugs!

Kingfisher Farm said...

Linda I loved her too. The way she lived was an inspiration. What a sucesss she was! Pam

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Sorry to hear about your treatments Linda ((hug)).

I was saddened to hear about Tasha's passing too, what an inspiration! She lived a good and long life, though, the way she wanted to live it--and is now with the angels.

Smiles, Karen

Lisa said...

Oh I hope you are feeling better soon!! Your new cards are simply adorable!!


PS Emily lost her little pink horse in her bed (she was sleeping with it!) and with tears flowing and blankets flying, she finally found it! In fear of losing it again, she sat it on a shelf near her bed- so it can keep an eye on her through the night). Thank you again for being so sweet and sending that to her!!