Friday, January 18, 2008

Take a Bath Vacation!

Hello Everyone I have handmade some wonderful scented bath salts - parfait style! Located at my etsy shop:

They are layered with vanilla lace and pink sugar. The scents are wonderful.. you can read all about them there. They come in a bottle with hand dyed ribbon and a sweet paper rose from "Pink Rose Pastries"and a victorian scene on the front so when you are done with the salts .. you will also have a sweet decorative bottle to display! They are made with NO PRESERVATIVES! A Nice Valetine's Treat for you or a gift for someone ....take a bath vacation today!! Hugs, Linda


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda!!! What good idea!! I want to make bio hand made soap and I'll thinking how realize this dream!! a Kiss from Italy. lucy

Anonymous said...

thanks for to have visited ours blog!! the labels are delicious. have made you also those? kiss Lucy

Anonymous said...

Thank's for visiting our blog too!! I hope to realize some my creation especially of oils and biological soap. kiss. lucy

Sarah said...

Hi Linda!
They look really gorgeous. I can almost smell them from here!

Having read your 'five things about me'........I'm a big cat lover too!

If you sift through my blog, there's some photos of mine there.

Hugs, Sarah x