Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sharing Dolls!

Hello Everyone, Every now and then I thought it would be nice to show some of my collection and things that interest me and it would be nice to see others as well the same. It is interesting to see what draws a person to collect a certain something and the reasons behind it so if you are ready my e-mail, you are now tagged to saying something about what you collect or what you really like about something that you own. I will be checking to see and maybe do a follow-up ..if enough people get involved. One of my loves and interests are tiny bisque dolls with molded hair. They are indeed hard to find but there is a charm all about them that draws me to them... imagine the history if only they could talk! Here are some bargains I picked up in different places along the way. First is a beautiful molded hair doll with molded bows in her hair , the second picture has a type of bisque kewpie doll and a special tiny little doll my hubby bought me years ago when we renewed our vows. She is darling and struck me right away in the miniature show we found in Newport, Rhode Island. What a fun store! Can't wait to go back!

Hope you enjoy these pictures and looking forward to others fun things to show! Hugs, Folksie Linda

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Divine Madness said...

Hi Linda! I love your darling little dolls. I think it is a fun idea to share our collections and I am going to "pose" some of my little ones and post pictures....I have a tea party scene with some of my favorite bears that would make a sweet picture.