Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Christmas Update at Etsy!

Hello Everyone, Well it took me all year just to make somethings for my Christmas update at etsy..but i am pleased that i was able to at least make somethings and was happy making them. I paced myself and enjoyed crafting and was able to take my time and enjoy it. I think it is better to do it that way and will be doing that from now on. At least i don't want to stop creating.. it is my favorite thing to do! i was able to dabble in my wool felt this year which is something i have wanted to do for a long time now so was able to get somethings made with wool felt.. i buy mine at They have beautiful high quality wool felt. Of course, i didn't make everything on my list, but there is always next year! If you get a chance, stop over and browse around! I hope you enjoy seeing what i have made! So much fun! I hope everyone has a wonderful is coming so very fast! So wishing all my blog friends a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy Happy New Year! Love to all... Hugs, Folksie Linda

Now if i can make some Felted Folksies.. i will be VERY HAPPY!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I go around in circles but finally got something done!

Hello Everyone, Sometimes i get frustrated because i start projects and then they never get finished and end up in a pile and I hate that. Does anyone else do that? Well i finally got something finished in the pile and hope to get more done as I have neglected my etsy shop so hopefully i will go slow and steady so I don't get too fatigued. Well i started out painting this cute little box.. handy for a craft room .. or for little miniatures etc .. and i added the little tiny pose doll but there was something lacking from it. I loved the bright colors and then i saw in my cupboard the package of vintage 1960s daisies i had and thought a perfect finish to the cute little cupboard. I hope you think so too..let me know what you think? i finally got it listed on my etsy shop! Yay!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring is here!!! I hope!

Hello Everyone, I absolutely enjoyed receiving all the wonderful Valentines from the Dolly Dingle Valentine Swap and enjoyed making them as well but unfortunately my computer fried on February 13th..the day i was ready to post my pictures on my blog! I was so upset. I am recovering from another heart infection but thinking I am on the mend now because I am feeling a bit better and hope to be back and visit my friends here in blogland! While I was resting, I was playing with my vintage chenille so for the first time ever.. I have made One of a Kind Springtime Dainty Dollies and friends which will be listed on my etsy shop today on April 19th at 5 pm EST. Hope you can visit! Now I am finally getting used to the new computer.. new photo program etc. which took me sometime but I am glad to be back online! I have missed everyone and hopefully will be visiting soon to pop in and say hello! Happy Spring! Hugs, Folksie Linda

Monday, January 10, 2011

Time to make the Valentines!

Hi Everyone, I am starting to make the Valentines for the Dolly Dingle Valentine Swap hosted by Sweet Elizabeth of Bluebird Paper Crafts! I am still not up to par so i am pacing myself as i go but I have to say.. i forgot how relaxing crafting can be! And so much fun too! I just love Valentines Day and remember in school making out my Valentines to put in the box in the front of the class and patiently waiting to see who i got a Valentine from. The weather here as you can see is great time for crafting! Here is the list of gals I am making Handmade Valentines for:

It is nice meeting new people by doing this swap and I hope they love the Valentines I am making for them. I can't wait to receive mine! It will be so much fun! And i can hang them in my craft room too...who doesn't enjoy looking at Valentines! I can look at them all year long!

Whatever you are doing.. i hope you are having fun and enjoying yourself in this New Year!

Hugs, Linda

Friday, December 31, 2010

Wishing All a Healthy Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone, A new year is upon us and I get excited in hopes of setting goals for myself and carrying them out.. first i want to wish everyone a wonderful Happy New Year.. may your year be everything you want it to be.. may you be surrounded by loved ones and always be happy! My health was not what i expected for 2010 therefore i wasn't able to blog much but hoping and wishing 2011 will be different and I am really going to try my best to blog more and craft more. I didn't craft at all this year.. my health just didn't let me.. it is frustrating at times but I am really going to try to change it. I think with hope you can accomplish anything! At least I HOPE so! So to start myself off right this new year, I have joined in on a very cute Valentine Swap.. to create Valentines and exchange them.. i think will be so much fun as i love Valentine's Day so much! Sweet Elizabeth of Bluebird's PaperCrafts has hosted this adorable Dolly Dingle Valentines swap and I look forward to getting back to crafting! I also want to get back to needle felting as well this year.. i miss it so much!! So many ideas in my head.. i have been writing them all down so i don't forget them. And most of all.. i want to blog more! I miss all of my friends here at blogland so much! So hopefully you will be getting visits from me this year!! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and I hope all the goals that you have set for the new year will come true! Happy 2011!!! Can you believe it? Hugs, Linda

Friday, May 21, 2010

Crafty Carnival Card Swap!

Hi Everyone, I was so happy to be able to join in on this card swap.. it got me out of bed and crafting.. took a bit out of me but it was worth it! I had alot of fun making the cards! I decided to make them all occasion and thought you would like to see the ones I made. I took my time and paced myself and enjoyed every minute of it! It was the first time I have crafted this year! Hope you like the cards I made and I will be sure to show you the cards I also get from the swap!

Thank you for peeking! Hugs, Linda

Monday, April 19, 2010

Crafty Carnival Card Swap!

Hi Everyone, It has been a long time and I am sorry I have been missing in blogland but I am just recovering from a horrible heart infection ( pericarditis) caused by the Lyme/Lupus... it hit me right before the New Year and it has taken me months to get back on my feet again.. I am doing a bit better due to alot of rest, and a new doctor who has been helping me quite a bit. I hope it lasts. I have decided to join a swap... i haven't played with paper in a while ..well i haven't really crafted at all this year yet so it should be fun and get my mind going which I need very badly. Missy at Crafty Carnival is having a very cute card making swap... you make 10 cards and send them to her and you will receive 10 cards back from different artists which will be great.. you can always use some cards in the house. I have missed all of you here and hopefully I will be here more often now and will get back to seeing what is going on in your blogs as well! I am truly looking forward to it! I will show my cards when i am finished..wish me luck!! Hugs, Linda